Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When I was in very far east... as far as you could go... in Missouri-ah. I almost forgot where I was ,but luckly they had these to "Show Me"...

Monday, September 3, 2007

If Jlo and Ann

can do the blogs so well, at least Jlos(jk). Than why can't I do it? Am I not important enough? Is there some kind of special club,that only selected people can get in? Nope not really. Just a Dude and a mind , that's all that is really needed. I was told by my ladie-friend(Samantha) that I need to become a better writer for school, because if you saw some of this shit that I posted, you would say "this dude writes like a 4th grader. Now I'm in college and I can write like a 6th grader! I had a great comp I class, that really brought the spark in me for writing. So what better way then blog about your day,whats going on, document,etc.

Here are some bits and pieces

I just like to get around...a lot, so except more shit; daily,week blogs that are "pure gonzo journalism".

Shawn Strange